OTTAWA — On Thursday, November 1, at a conference on the Safety of Seafood products imported from Vietnam, several stakeholders called for Canada to tighten its import rules. The event was organized by the Vietnamese Federation of Canada, Vietnam for Progress, NDP MP Anne Minh-Thu Quach, MP and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, and Senator Thanh Hai Ngo.


"In 2016, the Formosa plant spilled thousands of liters of toxic products into the Central Vietnam region," said Anne Minh-Thu Quach. I have stood up in the House of Commons and in writing asking what actions the government is taking to protect the health of citizens, but I see only a slight increase in inspections and only one recall has occurred since 2016. The Liberal Government must do more to inform Canadians and ensure the safety of imported foods. "


In front of members of Parliament, senators and one hundred people, experts detailed the consequences of heavy metals and phenols spills on the fish that Canadians eat. They also discussed the issues of transparency at the government level and the different ways in which Canada can strengthen controls while respecting the rules of international trade.

"This issue affects not only the Vietnamese community, but also the general population,"

said Dr. Binh Nguyen of Vietnam For Progress. “There is a need for Canada to improve its system of inspection and analysis of seafood products from Southeast Asia".


The importance of respecting environmental standards and labour standards has also been emphasized, both in Canada and in Vietnam.


"It is essential for Canadian consumers to have confidence in the safety of the foods we consume. With the advent of the CPTPP, we will be seeing more imported seafood from Vietnam. Canada must work with Vietnam to ensure strong environmental safeguards.", said MP Elizabeth May.


“It is vital that Canadians gain a better understanding of the serious health risks from imported seafood from Vietnam affected by the Formasa Environment Disaster. The Government of Canada must play a greater role urging the communist Vietnamese Government to mitigate the remaining threats on the environment, and respect the human rights of peaceful activists calling for clean water, clean government and transparency”, concluded Senator Thanh Hai Ngo



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