We are defending public services!


A.Tom Mulcair promises to reverse funding cuts to CBC

The NDP is promising to restore $115 million to the CBC.

The public broadcaster has been cut by both Liberal and Conservative governments and that an NDP government would commit to restoring the recent cuts made by the Conservatives in the 2012 budget.

That means increasing current funding to CBC/Radio-Canada by $115 million over three fiscal years in hopes it will allow the public broadcaster to evolve in a changing media landscape, Mulcair said.

In April of last year, the CBC announced it would cut 657 jobs over two years to allow the organization deal with a $130-million budget shortfall. While cuts in the federal budget have affected the corporation's budget, losing the rights to broadcast NHL hockey to Rogers has also had a serious impact on the bottom line.

The NDP is also promising to put in place an independent process to name members of the CBC's board of directors. Mulcair accused the Conservatives of loading the board with donors and former candidates and said board members should have more expertise in the media world overall.




B. Stop the cuts to our postal service

You can’t save a business by cutting service and raising prices

But that’s exactly what Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have planned for Canada Post. While they can find millions for their well-connected friends, they can’t seem to find a way to keep the mail coming to your door.

That’s right: Canada Post wants to eliminate home delivery for millions of customers, slash rural postal hours and put thousands of employees out of work. And they want you to pay a lot more —$1 for every stamp.

Canadians deserve better. Our postal service helps connect us. And these cuts will unfairly impact the most vulnerable—including seniors and people with disabilities.

We the undersigned residents of Canada recognize the following:

  • Canada Post is a vital communications link that helps connect the country.
  • Eliminating home delivery for millions of urban customers and slashing rural hours will unfairly impact seniors and people with disabilities.
  • These planned cuts will mean the loss of up to 8,000 good-paying jobs.
  • Drastically increasing postal rates will make life even more expensive for cash-strapped families, small businesses and charitable organizations.

Therefore, we call on the Government of Canada to stop these devastating cuts to our postal service.