Toward a greener Canada

The NDP believes that the environment is everybody’s business: to introduce an effective environmental policy, the federal government must consult with the major stakeholders, including cultural communities, businesses and the provincial and territorial governments.

Since the environment is an issue that goes beyond borders, governments around the world must come together and reach an agreement on how to deal with common problems, such as global warming. Canada must resume its role as a world leader in this area. The first step is to respect its international environmental commitments. We must also protect the environment and public health by developing more stringent environmental assessments.

We need to stop talking about the economy and the environment as if they were mutually exclusive. In fact, they go hand in hand: the economy of the future will be green. To stay competitive in the global market and continue to prosper, Canadians must go green now and invest in clean technologies. We need to stop being dependent on non-renewable energy sources [article in French only] like natural gas and oil, and develop renewable sources like solar power, hydroelectricity, tidal energy and biomass.

By going green, we will create many well-paid jobs while making Canada a leader in this field and opening up an untapped market.

Going green is also something Canadians must do in their daily lives: the federal government has a responsibility to help all Canadians find ways to reduce their environmental footprint. This change begins with the introduction of a national public transit strategy. Canada is the only G8 country without one.

Source: website of MP Alexandre Boulerice