The Trudeau government sinks in irony

SALABERRY-DE-VALLEYFIELD – The Trudeau government announced Friday morning its choice for the company that will dismantle the Kathryn Spirit. It is a joint venture formed by Excavation René St-Pierre and Englobe Corp. who will undertake the work in 2018; an ironic situation according to Anne Minh-Thu Quach, M.P. for Salaberry–Suroît.

The Government of Canada has awarded a contract for the dismantling of the shipwreck Kathryn Spirit, with the objective of permanently removing it from the shores of Beauharnois and returning the site to its original state. The joint venture has to finish the work in the fall of 2019 under its $ 11,134,179 contract.

"It is not surprising to see that the St-Pierre Group has received this second contract. I remind you that this company had to stop working on the vessel in 2012 following my intervention and that of the Mayor of Beauharnois. I raised awareness that the group did not have the federal or provincial authorizations to do this type of work. Does the government this time have a guarantee on the expertise available within these companies? ", asks the member for Salaberry—Suroît.

Anne Quach stresses, moreover, that the government has always been reactive instead of been proactive since the beginning. The Conservatives and the Liberals knew that the wreckage contained pollutants and hazardous materials. They have waited at the last minute to intervene when there were emergency situations. For example, it was not until the boat could tip over that cables was installed and a protective embankment was built.

The member cannot help but frown at the timing of the announcement by the Trudeau government. "It doesn’t surprise me that the government has chosen to unveil this major news on a Friday when everyone thought are focused to the weekend," quips Anne Quach.