The NDP stands up for bilingualism

The NDP is the only party that respects our two official languages during Question Period.

Anne believes in bilingualism. It’s a valuable asset for Canada!

1. The following statistics are from Yvon Godin, NDP MP and Official Languages Critic:

Percentage of questions and answers in French in the House of Commons

52% of questions by NDP MPs are in French.

23% of questions by Liberal MPs are in French.

14% of answers from the Conservatives are in French.

Yvon Godin and the NDP support Bill C-208, which would make the understanding of both official languages an essential requirement for Supreme Court judges.

The House of Commons passed this same bill in 2010, but the Conservatives used their majority in the Senate to block it until an election was called in March 2011. 

To ensure the equality of both official languages and equal access to justice, Supreme Court judges must be able to understand both official languages.

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2. In addition, the House of Commons adopted a bill introduced by Alexandrine Latendresse, NDP MP and Assistant Democratic Reform Critic.

The bill states that persons appointed to certain offices must be able to speak and understand clearly both official languages.

According to NDP Official Languages Critic Yvon Godin, the bill “is aimed at only 10 individuals, but these 10 individuals play a key role in our parliamentary system.”

The bill concerns the following 10 senior officials and officers of Parliament:

  • Auditor General of Canada
  • Chief Electoral Officer
  • Commissioner of Official Languages
  • Privacy Commissioner
  • Information Commissioner
  • Senate Ethics Officer
  • Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner
  • Commissioner of Lobbying
  • Public Sector Integrity Commissioner
  • President of the Public Service Commission

Here is the Language Skills Act, tabled by Alexandrine Latendresse.