Statement from the NDP following the release of Canada Post's financial results

Following the release of Canada Post’s financial results for the third semester, Official Opposition Canada Post critic Alexandre Boulerice (Rosemont--La Petite-Patrie) made the following statement:

“Canada Post’s positive returns have once again disproved the fear mongering and catastrophic picture being painted by the Conservatives and Canada Post management. The Crown Corporation registered profits of $13 million in the third quarter of this year – a stark contrast to the $129 million lost during the same period last year. It’s also the third consecutive quarter that Canada Post has run a profit in 2014. Of course the last quarter is always the most profitable due to the holiday season, so Canada Post is poised to run a very profitable year in 2014. We would also like to point out that according to the Conference Board study, so often cited to justify the cuts to services, Canada Post was slated to lose $274 million in 2014. It’s important to note that these positive results have absolutely nothing to do with converting community postal boxes in many areas around the country: the 3rd quarter ended on September 27, while the boxes started going up on October 20. The NDP will therefore be even more adamant in calling for a moratorium on imposing postal boxes, for the simple reason that it presents no financial advantage that can justify the loss of home delivery services for our citizens.”