OTTAWA – NDP MP and Youth critic Anne Minh-Thu Quach (Salaberry – Suroît) supports the Young New Democrat’s call for the Prime Minister to be more transparent about his Youth Council. The MP will table a request to the House of Commons asking for more information on the Council’s activities.

“Justin Trudeau’s Youth Council is a good first step in taking into consideration young Canadians’ opinions and points of view. For the process to be successful, the Prime Minister must demonstrate that he’s actually listening to the advice of the young Council members. Right now, we have very little information about what is being discussed by the Council and its impact on the Liberal government’s policy. That is why I am submitting a written question on the matter”, explained MP Anne Quach.

Given the small number of participants, Quach also believes that a mechanism to hear from more young Canadians should be put in place. She believes in the Prime Minister’s Youth Council’s potential, on the condition that it has real influence.

“The Prime Minister’s Youth Council is a great opportunity to show that the federal government is listening to millennials.  It must have a real impact on the government’s policy, otherwise it will sadly only contribute to the cynicism a lot of young people share about this Government. By making those discussions public, we open the possibilities for a public debate on the place of youth in Canada”, said Quach.