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Leading women Femmes de tête

The emancipation of women and their seizure of power are at the heart of the concerns of the MP Anne Minh-Thu Quach (Salaberry - Suroît). That's why she's inviting women in the riding to Lead Women/Femmes de tête events.

leading women

The Femmes de tête evenings are opportunities for meetings and exchanges for women in the region. Anne Quach surrounds herself with inspiring people who come back on their journey, the challenges they have identified and the good things that make them proud.  

"Since becoming a member of Parliament, I have had the chance to meet and work with strong, unique and dynamic women on a daily basis. It is important for me that these and all my fellow citizens realize the place they can take in the spheres of power, "said the member from Salaberry-de-Valleyfield.

Here are the portaits of some speakers presented at Femmes de tête ...

Manon Castonguay

Manon Castonguay

Native and resident of Beauharnois, Manon Castonguay, a mother of two is electromechanical training. The first woman to hold a unionized position at CEZinc in 1997, Manon is immediately involved at the union level as a delegate. Now president of the union in a male-dominated environment, Manon and her team have led a labor dispute lasting nearly 10 months in 2017 for the 370 members of her union, including 18 women. Humanist woman and always listening, she delivers an inspiring testimony where all is found there. "We are all humans and we are all capable of defending our interests and those of our colleagues. " tells us the one who says know the name of all these members.

Julie Lemieux

Julie Lemieux

Born in Drummondville, Julie Lemieux was marginal in her way of thinking, in her way of pushing back her own limits with a lot of effort. As a drop-in and school drop-in, she had a very self-taught career with lots of very different experiences as owner of a bistro café! In September 2001 she enrolled at Collège Ahuntsic with her new female identity and some months of hormone therapy, but after 2 years, for health reasons, she did not pursue her studies.

Since 2009, she has worked as a carpenter and cabinetmaker and lives in Très-Saint-Rédempteur. Given her unconditional love of history and built heritage, she became interested in her village's debates about the purchase of the church by her municipality. From then on, she regularly attends council meetings to defend the idea of preserving this heritage building. In 2010, she founded the "Fondation des amis du Patrimoine" of Très-Saint-Redempteur, which proved to be a rallying ruler and bearer. In 2013, she became a municipal councilor and finally mayor in 2017!

Eve Filiatrault
Ève Filiatrault>

Originally from Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Eve FIliatrault sees her in an active and engaged family. She enrolled in gymnastics at the beginning of the 80's at the CampiAgile club in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield and later represented the club in competition until the middle of her adolescence.

Hired as a young instructor at the CampiAgile gymnastics club, more and more responsibilities are entrusted to her until, at the age of 19, she takes the guides of the organization in 1995. She is passionate about children as much as for the gymnastics activity and takes pleasure in conveying its experience of competitive sport. She graduated from the Collège de Valleyfield in the first class of the Arts et Lettres program in the profile of Media Languages. She obtained a bachelor's degree with a mention of excellence from the Université de Montréal in preschool and elementary education. Completely dedicated to the Club CampiAgile, zealous and tireless workers, her spouse and she fondly pass the registration of 500 to 2500 followers, despite two children and multiple moves of the organization! She is a woman of belonging who has at heart the themes of overcoming and pride individual and collective.

Josiane Carrière

Born in St-Anicet, she grew up on the family farm with her brother and sister. Having always loved nature and animals, she decided in Secondary 5 to enroll in the agri-food technology institute of St-Hyacinthe in farm management and operation. In 2012, at the age of 25, she became co-owner of Ferme Urdani Inc and thus the 7th generation to do farming. Her parents are very involved in agricultural associations and unions, she quickly follows their steps and gets involved in my own way. A member of the agricultural succession of her region, she became their representative at 20 by sitting as administrator on the base union of St-Anicet. She will then be secretary, treasurer and vice-president until the amalgamation in 2012. In 2013, she returned to sit as secretary and sector administrator for the new local union of Haut-St-Laurent. She makes the involvement of young women one of her priorities by convincing other young women farmers to do the same. She has also participated in various local development committees for agriculture and work-family balance. She is now expecting her third child and is still involved both at the farm and at the union level.

Josianne Farrand

Professional photographer established for more than 30 years, she is at the service and accompanies companies, organizations, institutions, municipalities and individuals in showcasing and illustrating their know-how and reason for being. As an artist in her spare time, she now uses the medium of digital photography and the challenges that come with imagination when technology comes together. For a number of years, she has held various positions with several boards of directors in the region. She believes in the collaborations and initiatives that take place when different environments meet and share their interests. His involvement with the boards of directors of the Vaudreuil-Soulanges Arts and Culture Council and the Vaudreuil-Soulanges Chamber of Commerce and Industry facilitate the links between these organizations and the presence of arts and culture in the business community and vice versa. She is also involved in the Committee's 21 growth and sustainability initiatives. She enjoys traveling and documenting. The results of these passions result in exhibitions!

Nathalie Collin

Nathalie Collin

Nathalie Collin - was born in 1967 - the year of the "Nathalies and Stéphanes." Mother of Family and spouse for 26 years - being a young child, like many people, she wanted to become a doctor, to help, to show her and to others that she was capable of it. That living in Verdun was not synonymous with being born for a roll. After visiting the university's too-quiet biology labs, she opts for political science. After graduating from UQAM, she completed a master's degree at the National School of Public Administration in Organizations Management. It is because of her if her spouse became Mayor of Huntingdon because she fell in love with this region in 1999. Since then, she has been involved with the mission of saving the poorest in society. In the region, she has been a manager at the CPE Kaleidoscope, president of the Cooperative Solidarity Roots, sat on several boards of community organizations in the region, is now committed to the protection of migrants, and is best known for its commitment as Director at the Huntingdon Youth Center who now operates with 3 points of service: in Howick (since 2017), St-Chrysostome (since 2010) and Huntingdon (since 2008). Woman of heart, woman of head, Nathalie Collin does not finish to show the others that she is able to make real change wherever she goes!

The speakers for the last evening Femmes de tête are: Manon Castonguay, president of CEZinc union members; Julie Lemieux; Mayor of the municipality of Très-Saint-Rédempteur; Ève Filiatrault, owner of Campi-Agile; Josianne Carrière, farmer at Urdani; Josiane Farand, entrepreneur and cultural influence in Vaudreuil-Soulanges; and Nathalie Collin, coordinator of the Huntingdon