SALABERRY-DE-VALLEYFIELD - After 7 years, the now infamous Kathryn Spirit is now a thing of the past. Anne Minh-Thu Quach, MP for Salaberry-Suroît, is delighted with the outcome but she is disappointed in the handling of this important matter.

"After urging the Conservative and Liberal governments to act in recent years, I can only applaud the patience of the people of Beauharnois. They finally find their shore, and this sword of environmental Damocles will finally disappear. At the same time, I wish to thank those who have been with me in this fight: elected officials, citizens, local and national media. Without them, we would not be where we are today", states the New Democratic Party (NDP) Member.

According Ms. Quach, the need for local mobilization speaks volumes about the inaction of the Harper and Trudeau governments.
"Would a responsible government, conscious of the safety of its citizens, have left an old shipwreck containing dangerous materials to rust for seven years? I do not think so. We were lucky that this story ends well but this is only due to the local proactivity that halted the government's inertia", comments Anne Minh-Thu Quach.

She also questions the judgment of the current government. In total, the saga of Kathryn Spirit will cost taxpayers nearly $ 24 million. At least $ 8 million of this grand total was paid to the company who originally brought the wreckage in 2011 to Beauharnois.

“It was the government of Justin Trudeau who chose this company that is part of the consortium to dismantle the ship for a fee near 12 million dollars. It's an insult to intelligence to reward polluters. I believe in the “polluter pays” principle. The Conservatives and Liberals have just shown us that they prefer polluter being paid. They will be accountable for their actions, "denounced the NDP MP.

Anne Minh-Thu Quach is pleased, however, to now turn her attention to more constructive issues for the riding.