Grow the economy and create new jobs while protecting the environment


Protect our environment and grow our economy at the same time by working with business to create green, sustainable jobs and introducing the polluter-pays principle.


Give job-creating small businesses a break, resolve the youth unemployment crisis and help young people land their first job. Introduce a federal minimum wage and gradually increase it to $15 an hour to give people a living wage.

  1. Introduce an innovation tax credit to support investment in machinery, equipment and property to further innovation and increase productivity. Canadian manufacturers making critical R&D investments will save close to $40 million annually.
  2. Extend the accelerated capital cost allowance, which is scheduled to end this year, to support the manufacturing sector and encourage the purchase of equipment and machinery.

- This will stimulate new investment and boost Canada’s manufacturing sector.

- It will also save manufacturers close to $600 million a year for two years.

  1. Cut the small business tax rate from 11% to 9% (a decrease of about 20%)

- We will start with an immediate reduction from 11% to 10%, which will inject close to $600 million into Canada’s small businesses.

- This will be followed by a further reduction to 9% as soon as finances permit.



Losing your job is a terrible blow.

That’s why we have Employment Insurance — to give us some peace of mind on the road to finding new work.

EI is an insurance plan that we Canadians pay into our entire working lives.

But the government keeps finding new ways to reject EI claims.

Canadians pay into EI throughout their working lives so that benefits will be available if they lose their job through no fault of their own. It was designed to strengthen our workforce by helping jobless Canadians resume careers that take advantage of their education, training and experience.

With 6 in 10 workers already disqualified from EI, the government is further restricting access by requiring Canadians to accept any job it deems “suitable”—even if it takes them off their career path and comes with a 30% pay cut and hour-long commute.



SMEs are economic drivers: they boost the area’s economy and are responsible for most new job creation. SMEs in Canada account for 70% of private-sector employment.

These businesses are deeply rooted in our community and create good jobs.

However, the Conservative’s record on small and medium-sized businesses is no pretty picture:

// They cut the Hiring Credit for Small Business.

// They took no action to crack down on credit card merchant fees.

// Yet they gave tens of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the largest, most profitable big corporations.

// While they reduced Canada’s corporate tax rate from 22% to 15% over the past six years, they only reduced small business tax rate by 1%.

Contrary to the Conservatives, the NDP has long committed to improving the tax treatment of SMEs. I invite you to read our plan to support the SMEs.



While tax havens cost the Canadian tax base billions of dollars each year, the Conservative government doesn’t think that fighting tax evasion is a priority. Quite the opposite: since Stephen Harper came to power, the number of tax evasion investigators has been steadily shrinking.

At a time when a quarter of Canada’s direct foreign investment is going toward tax havens (the Cayman Islands, Ireland, Luxembourg, Bermuda, etc.), the Conservative government is cutting over $250 million from the Canada Revenue Agency. Stephen Harper refuses to estimate how much tax revenue is being lost. How can you seriously tackle a major problem if you refuse to even estimate how big it is?

For the NDP, this lost revenue means that ordinary Canadian taxpayers are having to shoulder a bigger share of the cost of government programs.

This is why my fellow MP Pierre Dionne Labelle introduced a motion calling on parliamentarians to discuss the aggressive action needed to prevent huge capital transfers from Canada to tax havens. According to Mr. Labelle, “these huge amounts of money are enough to pay for several hospitals, schools and social housing units.”

The NDP promises to fight tax evasion by

-coming up with a real estimate of lost revenue

-increasing the CRA’s budget so they can begin prosecuting tax evaders

-working with international partners on sharing information

We need to make sure that the tax system is fair for all Canadians.

This motion was supported by all NDP and other opposition MPs, but the Conservatives all voted against it. While our health system is suffering, the middle class is being taxed to death and there is growing inequality, an NDP government promises to take aggressive action on tax evasion.

Sign my fellow MP Pierre Dionne Labelle’s petition: