OTTAWA — Today, NDP MPs used their opposition day to promote tax fairness in response to the shocking revelations about KPMG’s tax evasion strategies. MP Anne Minh-Thu Quach (Salaberry–Suroît) is fed up with Canada’s unfair tax system.

“Our tax system is not at all fair or equal for everyone, even though these are foundational values in our democracy. Instead, inequality and the gap between the rich and the poor are both increasing steadily. The richest CEOs make 193 times more than the average Canadian!”


She emphasized the importance of fighting tax havens.

“Canada is less stringent than other G7 countries in the fight against tax havens. The federal government has not taken any steps to recoup lost tax income or to ensure would-be fraudsters pay their taxes. It must put an end to the penalty-free amnesty deals for tax evaders. In the United States, people who are caught have to pay between 20% and 27% in interest. In Canada, people who use services such as the ones provided by KPMG don’t face criminal charges, and they don’t have to pay any penalties, either! This makes no sense! We have a two-tier system that favours the wealthy.”


Quach criticized the tax loopholes and exemptions that benefit only the richest Canadians. The lost tax income is equivalent to 40% of the federal budget, and she believes it could be used to fund public services such as affordable housing, health care, public transit and post-secondary education.

“In the Salaberry–Suroît riding, some people struggle to eat fruits and vegetables every day. The wealthiest Canadians don’t need tax cuts to survive. Unfortunately, the Liberals have kept the tax loopholes that benefit the wealthiest Canadians in place, while overlooking what’s best for ordinary Canadians.”

My speech in the House of Commons is available here. Sign up my petition about tax havens here.