We don’t have to choose between security and our rights

Bill C‑51: the Conservatives’ anti-freedom bill

Terrorism is a real threat and everyone agrees that public safety is a top priority for any government. But Canadians don’t have to choose between their security and their rights. Stephen Harper is proposing a false choice. Trying to protect our freedoms by sacrificing them makes no sense.

Bill C-51:

-       threatens to lump legitimate dissent together with terrorism;

-       irresponsibly provides intelligence services with sweeping powers;

-       impedes individual freedoms and privacy by permitting the exchange of personal information among departments and security agencies; and

-       does not include concrete measures to work with at-risk Canadian communities ‎on measures to counter radicalization.


New Democrats believe that freedom and security go hand-in-hand, and propose:

-       strong but controlled oversight of intelligence agencies;

-       allocation of appropriate resources to effectively identify threats; and

-        implementation of a counter-radicalization program in at-risk communities to make it possible to take remedial action.


The Conservatives are trying to rush the adoption of the bill and are not listening to the experts and witnesses.


Contrary to what the Conservatives would have us believe, we don’t have to choose between security and our rights.

Take action: print a copy of the attached petition, sign it and circulate it in your community. You can also sign the online petition: http://www.ndp.ca/c-51?source=20150225_C51_AYN_FACEBOOK_FR_FB5