New Study Reveals Worrying Toxin Levels in Lakes Near Oil Sands

OTTAWA  –  New research from some of Canada’s top scientists indicates that not only are toxin levels in bodies of water surrounding the oil sands higher now than before mining started, they are now approaching warning levels. 

 “This shows once again the impact oil sands extraction has on the environment and highlights the importance of independent scientific research,” said NDP Environment critic Megan Leslie (Halifax). “It’s time the Conservatives stop discrediting and muzzling scientists and work instead on building a prosperous, green economy.”

 A government funded study of six lakes in the oil sands region showed that levels of cancer-causing toxins are two and a half to 23 times greater than before commercial oil sands work began. The timing and chemical composition of the contamination suggest that the source is industrial. 

 “It’s going to take more than talking points for the Conservatives to contradict this study which clearly shows the serious effects of pollution on the surrounding bodies of water – and the lives of millions of people,” concluded Leslie. “And under the Conservatives, the cleanup costs are being downloaded to future generations.”


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