The NDP calls for the Supreme Court to intervene

The NDP has lost all faith in the Board of Internal Economy (BOIE) and has decided to turn to the Supreme Court of Canada to allow justice run its course and to finally put an end to the partisan attacks being waged by the Conservatives and Liberals.

“We have said it from the very beginning – the NDP followed all the rules and this is nothing but a partisan attack by the Conservative and Liberal parties. As a result, we have decided to request that the Minister of Justice refer the case directly to the Supreme Court.  This will allow him to demonstrate that he is committed to our democratic institutions and to saving thousands of taxpayer dollars and wasted time,” said NDP Quebec Caucus Chair, Robert Aubin.

The BOIE’s February 3 ruling was completely arbitrary and contrary to the principles of natural justice. As a result, the NDP has announced that its attorneys James Duggan and Julius Grey have issued a legal challenge before the Federal Court. The NDP has also informed House Administration that NDP Members did not intend on refunding the amounts requested until a final judgment had been made.

“We are the victims of a partisan committee – an institution that our political opponents hijacked to seal our fate in advance. It is time that this frivolous attack on members of the Official Opposition come to an end,” added Aubin.