Anne Minh -Thu Quach acknowledges the International Women's Day

SALABERRY -DE- VALLEYFIELD - NDP MP Anne Minh -Thu Quach (Beauharnois- Salaberry) acknowledges International Women's Day which takes place on March 8th each year, with the theme "Equality for women is progress for all".

"The status of women has made huge progress in recent decades in Quebec and across the country, but inside the labor market and elsewhere, inequalities are still very present, explained Anne Minh -Thu Quach. We still have some work to do, whether in terms of pay equity or in distribution of tasks. "

According to a recent report, only 19 % of the 84 Canadian Crown corporations are headed by women. We have to remember that the NDP, which counts in its caucus the largest number of women in the history of Parliament, recently introduced a bill to ensure that federally owned companies increase the number of women who act as board members.

"As Canada dropped from 14th to 21st position in terms of gender equality, it is inexcusable that the Conservatives voted against this measure, which would have improved the results of the country in that matter, said Anne Quach. Unlike the Conservatives, feminism and gender equality are at the heart of new-democrat political action. "

"I also want to highlight the work of women in my riding. The Welcome and Accommodation center “Accueil pour elle”, CALACS, la Vigie, the Marg'Elle or the residence Elle Haut-Saint – Laurent are just a few example of women’s solidarity, says the MP. So hats off to these women who show us the way with confidence and dignity! ".

The March 8th Committee marks the International Women's Day with an animated evening with the comedian Silvi Tourigny from 6:30pm in Raphael Barrette building in Salaberry -de- Valleyfield. For info and tickets : 450 371-1500

In the Haut-Saint- Laurent , an event will be held Thursday, March 13 at 5PM in the Grove Hall community center in Huntingdon. Original bingo and improvisation are on the agenda! For info: 450-264-2999 or 450-264-9042 .