The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada—a reliable source of information about financial products and services

Are you looking for unbiased information on mortgages, credit cards, dealing with debt, budgeting, banking and other financial products and services? The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) can help. 

 FCAC is an independent federal government organization that offers basic information on banking, saving, credit cards and many other aspects of personal finances that affect you every day. The Agency’s materials also outline your rights and responsibilities when dealing with your financial institution, including how to make a complaint about that institution, how to protect yourself against fraud and how different forms of payment work.

 The Agency’s materials and hands-on tools are available free of charge in English and French and can be found online. Many publications and tip sheets can also be ordered in a printed format, also free of charge. You can reach FCAC through FCAC’s Consumer Services Centre by calling toll-free 1‑866‑461‑3222 (TTY: 613‑947‑7771 or 1‑866‑914‑6097) or by visiting our website: You can also follow @FCACan on Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn. (162 words)

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