Remembrance Day: a National Holiday

NDP MP secures support to make Remembrance Day a National Holiday

In the lead up to Remembrance Day, NDP MP Dan Harris (Scarborough Southwest) celebrates the near unanimous vote of his Private Member’s Bill C-597: An Act to Make Remembrance Day a National Statutory Holiday. 

“From my great-grandfather Harold Riley who served in both world wars to family members who have done tours in Afghanistan, Remembrance Day has shaped our family history and always held great personal meaning,” said Harris.

Under Bill C-597, Remembrance Day will be given the same legal status as Victoria Day and Canada Day, the two Legal holidays listed in the Holidays Act. Following tonight’s all-party support, C-597’s path to passage by the House has been further secured.

“As a new MP I was skeptical about what could be accomplished in Ottawa,” added Harris. “Tonight’s vote with all-party support strengthens my faith in our democracy and makes me proud to represent the people of Scarborough.”