Quebecers Can Trust New Democrats To Clean Up Ottawa

Conservative election cheating, Liberal dirty tricks. It’s no wonder Canadians think Ottawa is broken

SALABERRY-DE-VALLEYFIELD — As the old parties continue using dirty tricks to get what they want, the NDP is the only party taking concrete action to help families, said New Democrat MP Anne Minh-Thu Quach (Beauharnois-Salaberry) in the House of Commons yesterday afternoon.

“The Conservative Party was already the ocbject of about thirty investigations, and now we learn they have made ??calls to fool the population. It is clear that their methods do not really differ from those used by the liberals. Again, an old federal party has used unfair tactics to mislead voters,” said Ms. Quach.

Canadians learned this week that the Liberals were behind the Vikileads30 Twitter account that aired personal information on Minister Vic Toews. The Conservatives had to apologize for unjustly accusing the NDP for being responsible. At the same time, we learned the Conservatives used methods worthy of a banana republic by making misleading calls to voters as to polling locations and discourage them to cast their vote.

This week, we’ve seen that little has changed and that the old parties still haven’t learned their lesson. Enough tricks! Enough scandals! Let’s work together, say the NDP.

“Tories do not answer questions from the opposition, refuse to provide documents to Elections Canada and censor documents that we obtain by making an information request. This is something that Canadians cannot tolerate,” Quach concluded.


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