Petition on the Mandatory Disclosure of Drug Shortages

Drug shortages are becoming more prevalent. and are lasting for longer periods of time. These shortages mean that health care professionals are robbed of the opportunity to provide you with a full spectrum of care, Drug shortages also unnecessarily increase health care costs. Most importantly, the shortages may put your health at risk, as they may alter or impede your medical treatments.

The Conservatives have refused to put in place a mandatory disclosure system for drug shortages, even though both the European Union and the United States have similar systems in place already.

My colleague, Djaouida Sellah, MP for Saint-Bruno—Saint-Hubert, introduced Bill C‑523 to address this issue. It will oblige drug manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors to give notice of any interruptions to the drug supply chain or be liable to a fine. It would also require the federal government to work with the provinces and territories to find ways to better adress the challenges of drug shortages.

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