NDP statement on Eve Adams crossing the floor

NDP Ethics critic, Charlie Angus (Timmins—James Bay), made the following statement about the decision of Eve Adams to cross the floor of the House of Commons:

“Once again, an elected official is thinking of their own career ahead of the constituents that elected her. The Liberal Party of Canada is giving us yet another example of cynicism by accepting in their ranks a Conservative MP that has fallen out of favor of the Prime minister.

“Members shouldn’t play petty politics and think only of their career, by changing political parties whenever they like. MP’s are elected personally and under their party banner. We must ensure that members are accountable to their constituents.

“We believe that changing political affiliation during your term needs the approval of your constituents. The NDP tabled a Private member’s bill to state those principles and to prohibit sitting MP’s from crossing the floor.

“This is why the NDP is asking Eve Adams to do the right thing for democracy and to resign and to run in a by-election.”