NDP REALITY CHECK: Conservative MP says Stephen Harper crossing the line with partisan use of terror threat

Instead of focusing on middle class families falling further behind and job losses stacking up, Conservatives are using the threat of terror to stoke fear among the public and fundraise for the Conservative Party.

And even Conservatives are now saying Stephen Harper is going too far.

A Conservative Facebook post used the idea of an attack on the West Edmonton Mall to appeal for money and support.

Now, long-time Conservative MP Laurie Hawn is blowing the whistle on his own party.

“I would not have posted that if I were in charge.”

– Hon. Lawrie Hawn, Member of Parliament for Edmonton Centre

Local Progressive Conservative MLA Thomas Lukaszuk went even further in his criticisms of the Harper Conservatives.

“To actually put fear in people’s mind and drive tourism down is just not cool and I won’t stand for it.”

– Thomas Lukaszuk, the Progressive Conservative MLA for Edmonton-Castle Downs,

Harper’s Conservatives must take this post down immediately and apologize for using the very real threat of terror as a partisan fundraising tool.

Canadians deserve better.