NDP promises to clean up Conservative mess at Canada Revenue Agency

Conservative mismanagement and reckless cuts to the Canada Revenue Agency have left taxpayers with inaccurate advice and inadequate service. New Democrats will work with small business organizations and consumer groups to enhance the system and develop a new culture of customer service ‎at the CRA.

"Canadians and small businesses should be able to count on accurate tax advice from the people sending them a bill," said Pierre Dionne Labelle (Rivière-du-Nord), NDP critic for National Revenue. "Paying your taxes shouldn't be this complicated and small businesses shouldn't be on the hook for the CRA's mistakes."

The Conservatives have cut hundreds of millions of dollars and more than 3,000 staff at the CRA – stretching the ability of the agency to serve Canadians. Documents tabled in Parliament last month show a further cut of more than $69 million in funding for “taxpayer and business assistance.” The agency has also been plagued by privacy breaches and fraud charges within the organization.

“Giving out false information to taxpayers 1 out of every 4 times is simply unacceptable,” said deputy critic for National Revenue Murray Rankin (Victoria). “The Minister has failed to address multiple recurring problems within her agency and the NDP wants to know when Canadians can expect better.”

Canada's New Democratic Government will make it a priority to implement meaningful reforms to improve CRA's service to Canadians, starting by asking the Auditor General to review the impact of Conservative cuts on customer service at Canada’s tax agency.