MP for Salaberry-Suroît invites the public to send letters to Liberal ministers

SALABERRY-DE-VALLEYFIELD - The NDP MP Anne Minh-Thu Quach continues to pressure the Liberal government.  She asks that citizens send letters to ministers Garneau and Tootoo that ask them to act quickly so that that we may rid our region of the Kathryn Spirit. After years of efforts to try protect the shores of Lake St. Louis from the wreck, Ms. Quach says the issue requires immediate intervention from the federal government.

"For four years I have worked with municipal officials and the public in order to safely remove the shipwreck from our shores. We have waited long enough. The owner went bankrupt and no maintenance work or surveillance will now assured on the ship. Environmental risks and vandalism are more worrisome. The ball is in the camp of the Liberal government: our government needs to finally take the initiative and take concrete actions, "Ms. Quach said.

Ms. Quach sent has already sent 2 letters to the Minister Garneau following the federal election.  The first requested his support in finding a solution to the Kathryn Spirit issue.  Although none of these letters have yet been answered, Quach hopes that increased public pressure could force the government to action.

"Since Kathryn Spirit was abandoned, several elected officials have called for federal action. Mr. Garneau and Mr. Tootoo must understand the exasperation of the population regarding this wreck. I invite all citizens to write to them to ask them to act before it is too late, "said the MP.

Citizens can find the form letter to ministers Garneau and Tootoo at the following address: http://www.anneminhthuquach.ndp.ca/kathryn-spirit.  They can email it directly from the MP website or send it by mail.  The letter asks our federal government to assume its responsibilities and to take action in order to avoid an environmental catastrophe.