Improving the regulatory framework for pleasure craft

The legislative and regulatory framework focusses on safety and minimizing interference to navigation but disregards environmental factors (e.g., health of waterways, shoreline degradation, loss of fish and wildlife habitat) and quality of life (e.g., social conflicts between different groups of users, coexistence of shoreline residents and boaters, noise control, public safety).


We, the undersigned, Canadian citizens and municipal officials, request that the Government of Canada

  • REVIEW the Vessel Operation Restriction Regulations with a view, to improving waterway management, public safety, environmental protection, quality of life and economic vitality by :

    • DELEGATING certain regulatory powers to local municipalities so they can introduce measures to regulate boating activities to ensure they are compatible with local conditions; and

    • STREAMLINING, FACILITATING AND EXPEDITING the process to allow municipalities to apply for boating restrictions on certain waterways.

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