Conservatives Must Reverse Decision On Experimental Lakes: NDP

Research program an essential tool for protection of our fish and water

OTTAWA – The NDP is urging the Conservative government to reverse its decision to abolish the Experimental Lakes Program at the Freshwater Institute, a vital program for the maintenance of our freshwater ecosystems and healthy fisheries.

 “The Conservative decision to stop funding this program again demonstrates their total disregard for the importance of scientific research,” said Fisheries and Oceans Critic Robert Chisholm. “The Experimental Lakes Program supports international research that is essential for the monitoring and understanding of freshwater ecosystems and our fisheries.”

The Experimental Lakes Program made possible exceptional discoveries on the effect of pollutants on freshwater ecosystems, particularly the effect of acid rain.

The cancellation of the program will have major consequences that will put the health of Canadians, our water and our environment at risk, said Deputy Environment Critic, Ann Minh Thu Quach.

“The program enabled us to make discoveries on acid rain, hydroelectric dams and the use of phosphate, which was removed from our detergents thanks to these discoveries. The Conservatives must stop slashing and reducing our environmental protection programs. It’s the health of Canadians that’s at stake.”

“This program has made revolutionary discoveries possible for 50 years. It’s completely irresponsible for the Conservatives to throw out decades of investments and discoveries,” said MP for Winnipeg-Centre, Pat Martin. “This decision will have major negative impacts on the environment and future generations. The loss of the Freshwater Institute in my riding will be catastrophic for the scientific community.” 


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