Defending the Interests of the Region Against the Backdrop of Senate Scandals: Anne Quach

MP Anne Quach continues to defend the interests of the regions while the PMO is under investigation by the RCMP

SALABERRY-DE-VALLEYFIELD — At the end of a parliamentary session marked by the scandals of Conservative and Liberal senators, New Democrat MP Anne Quach (Beauharnois-Salaberry) congratulates the work accomplished by the NDP, led by an uncompromising Tom Mulcair.

“The Conservatives are showing all the signs of a tired, old government,” said Quach. “The RCMP is investigating the action of the PMO. It’s unprecedented.”

It was revealed in the last parliamentary session that Liberal and Conservative senators had tried to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from taxpayers. Stephen Harper’s chief of staff tried to cover up the affair and was forced to resign.

Quach ended the parliamentary session on a good note by tabling her bill to promote local food (C-539). Committed to stimulating the economy of the regions, while reducing GHG emissions, the MP believes it is crucial to support the work of local farmers, especially those from Beauharnois-Salaberry.

The MP, who is also deputy Environment critic, tabled another bill aimed at protecting Quebec’s lakes and rivers. This came after the Conservatives’ reckless decision to gut the Navigable Waters Protection Act. The future of Parks Canada is also one of her priorities thanks to her campaign to protect park services and oppose cuts to jobs and environmental awareness and education activities.

Dedicated to her constituents, Quach also made it a priority to oppose the controversial Conservative EI reform and its consequences on the region and even organized three public consultations on the issue. “The EI reform imposed on seasonal workers will further weaken family farms in the region,” she said in the House of Commons.  

This summer will be busy for the MP, as she will be working full-time in the riding meeting with citizens, promoting her local food bill, doing house calls, participating in events and advancing issues presented to her.


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