Conservatives vote against tax break for small business and jobs for the middle class

NDP Industry critic Peggy Nash (Parkdale–High Park) made the following statement on the defeat of her motion:

"Over the past ten years the Conservatives have failed to manage the economy and middle class families are paying the price. Canadians are working harder than ever but falling further behind. 

"Yet the Conservatives continue to hand out huge tax cuts to big business, and are even trying to give more tax cuts to the wealthiest 15 per cent.

"Canadians deserve better.

"Tom Mulcair’s NDP knows that the middle class is Canada’s most important economic asset. We have repeatedly urged the Conservatives to take immediate action to build a balanced economy and encourage manufacturing and small business job creation.

"Instead, the Conservatives have chosen to turn their backs on Canadian families.

"A thriving middle class needs a diversified economy that leverages Canada’s strengths and seizes new opportunities. The NDP plan to make the economy work for Canadians includes $15 a day child care, lower taxes for small business and investments in manufacturing which will boost the economy help spur the next generation of middle class jobs."