Conservative failures causing more trouble for Canadian economy

While the Bank of Canada cut interest rates amidst grave warnings about the health of our economy, the Conservatives still have no plan to fix Canada’s bleak economic outlook and get Canadians back to work.

“This rate cut shows that the Bank of Canada believes that the Canadian economy is facing more trouble than the Conservatives are admitting,” said NDP Finance critic Nathan Cullen (Skeena – Bulkley Valley). “But the Conservatives’ response is a wasteful income splitting scheme that will give billions to the richest 15 per cent and leave middle class families further behind.”

The Bank projected significant weakening in the Canadian economy and painted a dire picture of the job market. The NDP has a practical plan to boost the economy while helping the middle class, including $15-per-day child care and raising the minimum wage.

“Conservative mismanagement has crippled our economic recovery and unfortunately Canadians will pay the price with a weak job market and long-term unemployment,” said Cullen.