NDP Slams Conservative Plan To Close More Border Crossings

OTTAWA — The border agreement negotiated behind closed doors by the Conservative government gives border regions of the country reason for concern, because small regional border crossings may be closed, according to documents leaked to the media.  

“Why are the Conservatives preying on small communities in Quebec and Canada, for whom these border crossings are nothing less than economic lungs?,” questioned MP Anne Minh-Thu Quach (Beauharnois-Salaberry). “It’s bad enough that some crossings have already been closed and hours have been reduced, but we learned today that Stephen Harper may close others, like Jamieson’s Line crossing,” she said.

“These negotiations were held behind closed doors, in total secrecy,” said MP Pierre Jacob (Brome-Missisquoi). “When the Conservatives negotiate with the U.S. government, it’s always ordinary citizens who end up paying for it.”

Since the beginning of this parliamentary session, the NDP has repeatedly questioned the government on this issue. Each time, the Conservatives turned a blind eye. None other than NDP Leader, Nycole Turmel, and NDP Critic for International Trade, Brian Masse, hounded the government on this issue Thursday afternoon.

"Clearly the government has not done its due diligence with respect to these proposed changes to border administration at small land ports of entry”, says Brian Masse. That these negotiations were being conducted in secret for over a year is unacceptable, why weren’t these communities consulted? Where is the business case? What are the risks?  The NDP categorically opposes any ill conceived border schemes that compromise our economy, sovereignty and security."


 For more information, please contact: David Patry, Press Secretary, Quebec Caucus Services 514-238-8240 or david.patry@parl.gc.ca