Canada-Eu Agreement: Anne Minh-Thu Quach Concerned About Cost Of Medication

OTTAWA — As negotiations proceed on the free trade agreement with the European Union, the Health Minister must intervene to ensure Canadians won’t have to pay more for medications, according to Official Opposition Deputy Critic for Health, Anne Minh-Thu Quach (Beauharnois–Salaberry).

Negotiations around the free trade agreement currently provide for greater protection of pharmaceutical patents, which would require Canadians to spend billions more per year on their prescription drugs, said Quach.

“But the Health Minister indicated she would not intervene in negotiations on the free trade agreement with the EU,” said Quach this afternoon in the House of Commons. “In doing nothing, the Minister seems to be taking this issue lightly. Why is she defending big pharmaceutical companies instead of Canadians?”  

“People are getting nothing more in return: no access to better medication, no generic drugs, no better price. If this is an example of how the government plans to defend the interests of Canadians, forget it,” said the NDP MP.

Quach is calling on the Minister of Health to take her responsibilities and honour her commitments by taking a stand on these issues quickly.