Link To Online Version Of The Budget


  • The age of eligibility for old age security will pass from 65 to 67 years old for all those born after 1958
  • Health transfers to provinces will be reduced
  • Approval processes for resource development projects (oil, gas, mines, etc.) will be shortened and weakened
  • CBC and Radio-Canada lose 10% of their budgets and over 600 jobs
  • National Film Board loses over 40 jobs and 10% of its budget
  • Large reductions in aide to developing countries
  • Scrapping of the Katimavik youth development program
  • Nothing for public transit, affordable housing or integrating new Canadians

On a positive note:

  • Automatic eligibility for old age security and the guaranteed income supplement (which the NDP has been demanding for several years)
  • The elimination of the penny (which was in our electoral platform)