Anti-Crime Bill Should Focus On Prevention

VALLEYFIELD – According to New Democrat MP Anne Minh-Thu Quach (Beauharnois–Salaberry), the Conservatives’ decision to pass a bill full of repressive measures, doomed to failure, shows a lack of judgement, when foreign governments, like in Texas and Australia, are moving away from these types of measures and focussing instead on prevention and reintegration.

“While crime rates are at their lowest in nearly 30 years, it’s illogical to multiply ineffective and costly measures that won’t reduce crime rates,” said Quach.      

Experts agree that minimum sentences do not allow judges to make decisions based on judicial discretion.

“The NDP believes in public safety and agrees with parts of the bill. But it’s not just by filling prisons and multiplying the number of prisoners that we’ll achieve this. The government is forgetting that 95% of prisoners will eventually be released. If we don’t invest in prevention and rehabilitation, our streets and communities will become less safe.”

Only one in five prisoners has access to rehabilitation programs. Nothing in this bill offers any improvement on crime prevention. “With prevention, we stop crimes from being committed while contributing to the well-being of Canadian society. It’s a healthier, more human and more profitable process,” added Quach.