Anne Quach Wants to Promote Local Agriculture


Eating locally means growing our economy

OTTAWA — In order to back local foods and support our family farms, New Democrat MP Anne Minh-Thu Quach (Beauharnois–Salaberry) has introduced today in the House of Commons a bill to promote buying foods locally.

“The promotion of local agriculture is very important for two reasons,” said Quach, the NDP’s Deputy Environment Critic. “By promoting our local agriculture, we are protecting the environment by reducing the transport of foods. At the same time, we are investing in our regional economies: eating locally means growing our economy.”

The proposed bill aims to create a strategy for local foods once a conference is held among all Agricultural ministers. Moreover, federal institutions will be governed by a policy that requires them to buy above all locally grown foods.

“I come from a region that is nicknamed “the garden of Quebec”, so this bill is dear to my heart,” said Quach. We are the most important producers of vegetables in all of Quebec. Our local farmers serve up high quality foods and, as consumers, we have to do our fair share, for our own health and for that of our economy. Local agriculture, it’s buying locally and eating fresh.”



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